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Gambling and Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not exactly renowned for its healthy lifestyle, but if you start to feel the need for exercise, opportunities do exist. For visitors, the highest profile activity these days is golf. The city currently boasts around forty golf courses, and is adding more at a ferocious rate.

Las Vegas Casinos
Swimming Pools in Las Vegas.

Most casinos do at least have a swimming pool, with the larger ones on the Strip offering full-service spas and tennis facilities as well. "Locals" casinos, on the other hand, usually out in more residential neighborhoods, specialize in offering popular year-round indoor pursuits such as bowling and ice-skating.

Championship Boxing.

As for spectator sports, despite the best efforts of Mayor Goodman - who's on record as saying that "until you have major league sports, you'll always be thought of as a minor-league town" - Las Vegas lacks high-profile professional teams. Although tourists flock from all over the nation to watch events like the Super Bowl on large-screen TVs - and of course, bet on them - the only sport to regularly draw sizable crowds for live action is championship boxing.

Luxurious Spa Facilities.

Most of the major Strip casinos offer their own luxurious spa facilities, open as a rule to guests and non-guests alike, but occasionally restricted to guests only on weekends. The best is widely recognized to be the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian.


The Las Vegas 51s, a class AAA team affiliated to the San Diego Padres, have in recent years repeatedly triumphed in the Pacific Coast League. They recently changed their name from the Las Vegas Stars, in honor of Nevada's legendary Area 51, and play around seventy home games between April and Labor Day each year at Cashman Field, 850 Las Vegas Blvd N.

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